The team at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) and a diverse network of partners recently released Green Workforce Connect, a home weatherization career platform that will connect job seekers, students, and contractors to local training providers and employers. With so many in the HeatSpring community working in green building, building performance, and energy efficiency, we wanted to make sure we share this helpful new resource.

What is the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)? 

The Weatherization Assistance Program is funded by the United States Department of Energy and has operated for over 40 years. It was created to help low-income households save money on their utility bills by making their homes more energy efficient while also ensuring health and safety. It’s the nation’s single largest residential whole-house energy efficiency program. 

“Low-income households typically spend 13.9% of their total annual income on energy costs, compared to 3.0% for other households.”
– U.S. Department of Energy, Office of State and Community Energy Programs

How does the Weatherization Assistance Program support communities?

WAP not only helps individual households, it also helps to revitalize communities through economic growth and lessening environmental impact. According to the Dept. of Energy, WAP returns $2.78 in non-energy benefits for every $1 invested in the Program. The Program supports 8,500 jobs and provides weatherization services to approximately 35,000 homes every year. 

Why did IREC create Green Workforce Connect?

Even with weatherization jobs in high demand and those opportunities growing, service providers are still struggling to fill open positions. The purpose of Green Workforce Connect is to provide a central hub for job seekers, contracts, and other stakeholders to learn about weatherization careers and connect with employers and training providers in their area. 

Resources for Individuals

Job seekers can learn more about the different types of job roles available, what skills each entails, and training opportunities related to those roles. The site includes real career stories where people in the industry share their experiences. The site also includes a short quiz where participants can assess if weatherization roles could be a good career choice for them. 

Resources for Contractors

Companies that provide weatherization services can find helpful resources for their work as well. On the site, they can find an Outreach and Engagement Toolkit that supports recruitment efforts via customizable outreach templates (for social media, radio, slide decks, and more) as well as common job descriptions. 

Green Workforce Connect also provides a Contractor’s Guide to Success, which covers essential topics for any company offering weatherization services, like compliance, the WAP application process, business management, technical skills, and more. The guide was crafted by seasoned and knowledgeable contributors with long-time experience in the space.

Building Performance Certifications Coming Soon to HeatSpring

HeatSpring instructor Brynn Cooksey is building out building performance coursework to prepare for all Building Performance Institute (BPI) certifications.  BPI certifications are great credentials to demonstrate knowledge and competency in energy efficient home performance roles like those found in the Weatherization Assistance Program.