The single biggest impediment to growth for the geothermal heating and cooling industry is confusion about how it works.  OK, sure, high installation costs in some areas don’t help either – but it’s not always a price issue.  People just aren’t used to it.  The technology has little nuances and benefits that customers aren’t used to thinking about or quantifying.

This is also true for potential installers and designers who have considered offering geothermal to their customers.  HVAC contractors and well drillers aren’t used to working together and it’s very hard for a single company to offer both services under the same roof.  What about salespeople, architects, engineers, equipment manufacturers?  It can be intimidating to get started in this industry.

HeatSpring’s ‘Geothermal Business Plan Road Map’ is a free white paper aimed at demistifying the geothermal industry.  It is written for new or existing business owners looking to apply their expertise in the residential or commercial geothermal market.  It written as a supplement to our geothermal training and certification courses.  We hope it helps you identify opportunities for your new or existing business.

Click here to access the Geothermal Business Plan Road Map (PDF)