It’s been decades since humanity walked on the moon, but a new report says a partnership between NASA and private space companies could get us back. One of the authors of this report is Charles Miller. In this free lecture, Charles explains how moon base could be established for $10B via public-private partnerships.

The free lecture includes access to a discussion board and other resources. You’ll learn how leveraging commercial space partnerships could provide a 10X cost reduction for sending humans back to the Moon, and allow us to establish a permanent human base on the Moon within NASA’s existing budget.

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The intended audience for this lecture includes:

  • U.S. taxpayers not satisfied with America’s current strategy to send humans beyond low Earth orbit.
  • Executives and leaders who want to understand the potential of commercial partnerships to benefit our American space policy.
  • Aspiring space entrepreneurs interested in potential future business opportunities. Citizens of the world interested in new and affordable ideas for partnering with the United States in space.


About Charles Miller

person_medium_Charles_Miller_headshot__144_by_144_Charles Miller is the president of NexGen Space LLC, a space and public policy consultancy that provides client services at the juncture between civil, commercial, and national security. A former NASA Senior Advisor for Commercial Space, Miller has led a half dozen NASA commercial space teams responsible for assessing barriers to commercial space projects, satellite servicing, funded space act agreements, and commercial reusable launch vehicles and solutions for space debris removal. He is also a cofounder of NanoRacks and a founder of ProSpace, both of which are major players in the push to make space exploration more accessible to the masses.