2022 has been a year of revitalizing and revamping our HeatSpring platform. If you’ve logged in over the past few weeks, you have likely noticed the new branding and design of our website. What you probably didn’t notice was all the backend improvements, like improving the coding and modernizing the web hosting, which will allow HeatSpring to be more agile and responsive to our customer needs. As with most institutional changes, there’s much more care and intention that goes into the transition than meets the eye. 

Through the rebranding process, the HeatSpring team got down to the bottom of our why. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that our work is rooted in two major areas –  mitigating the impact of climate change and helping people build careers and businesses that make them happy. 

This was the first time that we had expressly focused on the notion that all of our coursework is rooted in helping our students, teams, and partners work toward a healthy climate future. It got us to thinking more about what a healthy, happy planet looks like. How could our communities thrive? What could be in store for us all in a tomorrow when we design, build, and live in a more thoughtful, regenerative way? 

That’s why we connected with illustrator and artist, Kelley Willis from Brain Flower Designs. She worked with us to illustrate the infinite possibilities of this future. When we created the design board to provide Kelley direction, we collected images from the genres of solarpunk and eco-futurism. Both dream of a future where the natural world thrives. Human technologies and interactions with the natural world support a healthy planet as opposed to degrading it. Pollution and linear waste streams are no more. Energy is renewable. Communities and land are interconnected. The systems are whole. 

While our future may not look exactly like this illustration, a regenerative, healthy future for all is what we believe in. It’s what we work towards every day through the HeatSpring platform and the community built around it.

We’ll be sharing the future-forward vibes through a fresh HeatSpring merch drop coming this Fall. Drop me a line (Brit@HeatSpring.com) to let me know what you think!