At HeatSpring, we’re no strangers to the amazing work of Glenna Wiseman at Identity3 and the Energy Trust of Oregon. That’s why we’ve decided to share the Build it Bright! Crafting Your Solar Marketing Program with our audience.

This training series, facilitated by nationally recognized solar marketing expert (and HeatSpring Solar Woman!) Glenna Wiseman and made possible by theEnergy Trust of Oregon, is “not about one-size-fits-all marketing solar solutions.” It is comprised of webinars, slides and totally free interactive tools, accessible to anyone – anywhere!
According to Glenna, founder of Identity3, “Every solar contractor has unique brand identity and marketplace strengths. We created a vibrant marketing solar forum. Together we explored best practices, heard from marketing experts and followed a disciplined path to save time and money to craft a foundation for efficient, impactful marketing.”
Built with the intention to help solar installers throughout the U.S. improve their marketing effectiveness and reduce soft costs related to customer acquisition, this 6-part series touches upon strategy, campaigns, creative, tools, ROI tracking and so much more.

Start here:

1 – Taking Stock: Assessing the Condition of Your Marketing Foundation is designed to help solar installers determine the condition of your solar marketing program


Continue with sessions 2 through 6:

2 – Mapping Strategy: Engineering Your Marketing Success help solar installers identify goals and new markets for company growth.
3 – Presenting Your Best: Marketing Campaigns and Creative Content is focused on campaign priorities and creative development for effective solar marketing.
4 – Efficient Activation: Tools and Strategies for Efficient Campaign Delivery explores building more money into your solar installation marketing budget through co-op funds and using the resources you have the most effectively.
5 – Tracking Results: Implementing Systematic Return on Investment Reporting tackles tracking solar installer marketing campaign results. The course looks at how to determine your solar installation firm’s most important “KPI’s” or key performance indicators.
6 – Putting It All Together: From Assessment to Tracking Results, Create the Building Blocks of your Solar Marketing Program is a review of the series’ key points and the introduces a new tool to help solar installers develop successful ribbon cutting and dedication events for nonresident solar customers.

Learn more about the Energy Trust of Oregon! Check out their Build it Bright program page, Facebook & Twitter

Stay up to date with Glenna at Identity3 and listen to podcasts, read blog posts and access additional materials on the Build it Bright program page. She’s on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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About instructor Glenna Wiseman – Principal, Identity3

Glenna Wiseman is a solar industry marketing veteran who brings the installer’s point of view to marketing communications. Her solar marketing expertise dates from 2007. For five of those years, she led the marketing initiatives for a California based solar installation firm. Glenna has worked to build integration companies for more than 10 years, resulting in a holistic and enterprise-level perspective on marketing for solar installers: through Identity3, Glenna has worked with solar installation firms on website, client personal development and marketing strategies. As the vice president of marketing for HelioPower, she created the company’s first marketing department and led it for five years. Prior to HelioPower, she co-founded an integration company in residential construction, called Home Tech Works, where she worked with hundreds of homeowners directly. Glenna is a recognized writer and speaker within the industry, covering a wide range of topics. Wiseman co-created “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women,” the industry’s first women oriented survey. She has contributed to industry publications and talk show formats, co-hosted the popular SolarChat series and been a featured speaker at Solar Power International and Intersolar North America.