ssa logo bigWe’re launching the first online solar startup accelerator in the winter of 2015 so you can get all of the tools and advice you need to start your solar business. Here’s why:

The solar industry grew 36% in 2014, creating tons of opportunity and opportunity gaps. Yes, gaps. Not every company has benefited equally. Solar panel manufacturers have needed deep pockets to survive plummeting prices, while integrators, BOS companies, and software firms have thrived.

Filling the opportunity gaps requires a nuanced understanding of the industry landscape and momentum. Momentum is what launches companies, and it’s the single biggest challenge facing all new solar business initiatives.

What does the solar industry need? A solid accelerator program that incubates early stage ventures and brings together the key components teams need to launch: education, research, mentorship, networking, and exposure.

INTRODUCING: WINTER 2015 SOLAR STARTUP ACCELERATOR, the first online solar startup accelerator (ever). Think of it as the Y Combinator, Mass Challenge, TechArb, and even Shark Tank of SOLAR.

Individuals and teams in the accelerator will learn:

  • An overview of the solar PV market and industry with an emphasis on characteristics unique to solar
  • Opportunities and threats to the business and a critical assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the business vs. competitors
  • How to develop a marketing strategy for the business including the participation strategy (who – which customers to target) and the competitive strategy
  • Different legal forms for the business and their pros and cons
  • Accounting methods and tools needed to run the business and comply with tax and other reporting requirements
  • How to develop a plan for production, facilities, suppliers, inventory, legal environment (permits, licenses, etc.)
  • Different forms of investment capital and their pros and cons
  • Basic solar project finance will be discussed including leasing, PPAs, tax-equity, and SRECS
  • And more…

At the end of the accelerator, individuals and teams will submit a fully fleshed out business plan and receive individualized feedback from the course instructor.

Who’s directing the program? Bill Rever. He’s advised some of the biggest and most influential solar businesses to launch over the past decade and has deep connections in the industry. He’s designed a program that helps new solar companies develop a strategy, find first customers, and build a support network. Learn more about Bill.

Interested in enrolling? We’re accepting individual and team enrollment for the Winter 2015 Solar Accelerator until December 2014. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Individuals or teams with more than just a basic idea of what they’re launching. This should be a solar project individuals or teams are really serious about starting in the next year or have already launched.

  • Ideally, individuals or teams should be leveraging existing business and professional backgrounds. This means existing firms launching a new product or division are perfect. So are experienced professionals who are going out on their own for the first time.

Are you or your team in stealth mode? Awesome. The discussion and assignments in the program will be structured to protect your IP and we’re happy to sign an NDA if it’s important to your lawyers. If the opposite is true, and you need all the PR and exposure within the marketplace that you can get, that’s great too. We’re offering help to teams who would benefit from media coverage.

Registration is open for the Winter 2015 Solar Startup Accelerator. If you have questions about participating, you can reach me directly at or 800-393-2044 x44.

Let the solar games begin!

Thirty $300 discounts are available for the Winter 2015 Solar Startup Accelerator. Request a discount.

I took this picture at SPI 2014. This is DOE Secretary Moniz in 'Startup Alley'. He talked about the importance of innovation in solar.

I took this picture at SPI 2014. This is DOE Secretary Moniz in ‘Startup Alley’. He talked about the importance of innovation in solar and the importance and power of new business creation.