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2Dec, 2014

Solar Startup Guide – Version 2: New and Expanded with 30+ More Resources

In 2012, I published a basic “Solar Startup Guide” for professionals who wanted to expand a business into solar or start a new solar installation. The purpose was to provide some very basic questions that would efficiently lead professionals to material that were trying to […]

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1Dec, 2014

Apply for HeatSpring’s Online Solar Startup Alley* Competition – Deadline: December 12th

*Startups include small businesses and new ventures with revenues of less than $1 million. 

I’m really excited to announce our online solar startup competition.

We created the competition because we noticed within our 6-week Solar Startup Accelerator that the single largest obstacle for companies in the solar supply […]

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1Dec, 2014

2015 Entrepreneur’s Guide to Employee Health Coverage

Q: “What does your small business do about employee health insurance?”

I surveyed twenty businesses with fewer than twenty-five employees because we’re trying to figure out what to do at HeatSpring. The U.S. health insurance market is in the throes of some big changes and it’s hard […]

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21Nov, 2014

Win a $10,000 Zero Net Energy Building Award!

Think your house is the best Zero Net Energy building in the Northeast? 
You could win $10,000! The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), a membership organization with a mission to advance the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the Built Environment, is on the search for this year’s […]

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19Nov, 2014

“Cover of the Solar Pro” = Amazing Solar Marketing Video

If you’re in the solar industry, or a fan of renewable energy and small business, it’s impossible to watch this video and not smile:

I don’t have any deep insights or tips to share on this, I just wanted more people to see the video and […]

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3Nov, 2014

Get All the Tools and Advice You Need to Start a Solar Business

We’re launching the first online solar startup accelerator in the winter of 2015 so you can get all of the tools and advice you need to start your solar business. Here’s why:

The solar industry grew 36% in 2014, creating tons of opportunity and opportunity gaps. Yes, […]

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2Nov, 2014

New Course: Data Center Essentials for Executives

This week we’ve launched our first data center course, offered through Datacenter Dynamics. Jon Koomey is the instructor, and we’re all really excited to have him teaching. I asked Jon to talk about his inspiration for the course. Here’s what he said:

My name is Jonathan […]

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30Oct, 2014

New Course: Land Boundary Master Class

We recently launched the “Land Boundary Master Class” in partnership with BNP Media and Jeff Lucas. I’ve come to learn that Jeff is highly regarded for his honesty, humor, and vision for where the industry of land surveying is going in the 21st century. We […]

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28Oct, 2014

Building Microgrids? Four Economic Factors to Consider

Microgrids are poised to alter the economics and topology of the electricity grid, ultimately transforming the electricity industry as we know it. In this article, we discuss the four economic factors to consider before and during microgrid development and provide an opportunity for designers, policymakers, […]

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28Oct, 2014

What Commercial Solar Developers Need to Know about Yieldcos

If you’d like to listen the interview, please scroll to the middle of the article. 

There’s been a huge amount of buzz about yieldcos and their potential impact on financing more commercial solar projects by providing cheaper capital. There have been 8 IPOs in 2013 and 2014 […]

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