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22Dec, 2014

[Interview] Grid Storage Economics and Policy 101

There has been a huge amount of buzz about storage lately with more press hitting every week. SCE signed 250MW worth of contracts, Sandia is investing in battery reliability studies, the Navy is investing in micro-grids, Texas is evaluating storage, and New Jersey has issued an RFQ for a grid-scale […]

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16Dec, 2014

Give the Gift of Education!

Learn more about our NEW gift certificates below!

We started getting calls this holiday season from smart gift givers…

“Do you sell gift certificates?”

We didn’t, but thanks to the smart, inquisitive gift givers calling us, we do now.

That’s the magic of HeatSpring. Ask us to do something […]

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15Dec, 2014

[New Course] Renewable Energy Policy Master Class


One of my favorite memories of any conference I’ve ever attended was watching Jigar Shah on a panel at NESEA’s Building Energy Conference. A question came from the audience about why he pushes solar over building efficiency, when building efficiency is the most efficient form of […]

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14Dec, 2014

Steep Challenge: A Case Study of a Sloped Residential Green Roof

In this guest post, David Aquilina, a business communications professional who represents Xero Flor America*, outlines a green roof project at Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. He provides details behind the design and installation. At the end of the article, you can watch a short video of […]

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9Dec, 2014

A New Energy Calculator for Roofing Professionals

For the roofing professional seeking to compare the energy-savings potential of different roofing systems, many well-designed calculators are available to help. Currently, you can find a wide variety of (mostly free) web-based calculators to evaluate almost every element of roof-related energy, including roof thermal insulation, […]

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9Dec, 2014

How Wall Street Capital Is Standardizing Commercial Solar Due Diligence

NOTE: If you’re coming from HeatSpring’s newsletter and you want to watch the video presentation, please scroll down near the bottom of the article. 

One of the largest trends happening in solar right now is Wall Street capital flooding into the industry looking to buy projects […]

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9Dec, 2014

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell Your Commercial Solar Projects to Investors

In this video, Noel Lafayette from SHR Energy discusses in step-by-step detail what a commercial solar developer needs do to sell a project to a solar fund. If you’re curious, I interviewed Noel in the beginning of 2014. The article is titled, “Advice from a […]

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9Dec, 2014

How Commercial Real Estate Owners Deal with Solar PPA Pricing Risk

In the 10-minute video above, Darien Crimmin, VP of Energy and Sustainability for WinnDevelopment, describes how he looks at the pricing risk of signing solar PPAs from the perspective of a large property owner. WinnDevelopment has a $2.5 billion real-estate portfolio across 23 states and […]

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8Dec, 2014

[Free Tool] How to Calculate Boiler Efficiency Gains

Roy Collver’s “Condensing Boilers in Hydronic Systems” is the most underutilized course we offer (OK, tied with Robert Bean’s HVAC Engineering). Roy has built this exhaustive educational experience that only a handful of folks have benefited from so far. We hope to change that in 2015 […]

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5Dec, 2014

Heating with Biomass: It’s Not Just About the Boiler…

This article is a guest post by John Siegenthaler, Principal at Appropriate Designs and expert instructor with HeatSpring. John’s 10-week online course, Hydronic-Based Biomass Heating Systems, teaches engineers, heating contractors, and installers how to design and install highly-efficient biomass heating systems.


In this article, John explains why […]

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