What are Zero Energy Homes? How are they cost efficient and how do they help significantly lessen energy use?

In this $30 course, sustainable building expert Ann Edminster has the answers.

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This course, designed as an introduction to all things Zero Net Energy, is perfect for energy consultants, homeowners, building analysts, sustainable builders and anyone curious about the power of Zero.

You’ll learn…

  • Zero net energy (ZNE) definitions

ZNE requires greatly reducing the normal energy consumption of a project through efficiency strategies, and making up the difference with renewable energy so that overall energy consumption “balances” production on an annual basis.

  • Home economic considerations

“Neutral cost ZNE” means creating a zero energy residence without any change in cost as compared to a conventional home. The technologies that enable “neutral cost” include rooftop PV, air conditioners with low cooling capacity, LED lights, efficient windows, and more.

  • Minimizing building energy use

Factor in the building context (climate, latitude, density, adjacencies, shading, sunlight, siting, orientation, etc.) and select efficient construction components (heating/cooling, wall and roof assemblies, windows, insulation, and more).

  • Minimizing occupant energy needs

Choosing ultra-efficient appliances (dryers, refrigerators, water-using fixtures) lighting, and electronics can help us reduce energy consumption, but changing our behavior can also make a difference.

  • Renewable energy systems

As we begin thinking about a project holistically, it’s important to consider renewable energy system integration. Designers, investigate technologies like solar arrays and wind turbines require designers early!

… and much more!

Note: This course is built with content from the original Sustainable Building Advisor course.

Enroll in Zero Energy Home Basics: Economics, Minimizing Energy Needs and Use, and Renewable Energy Systems with expert Ann Edminster 

Ann_Edminster_2-cropped-1smallAbout Instructor Ann Edminster – owner/founder, Design AVEnues LLC

Ann V. Edminster, M. Arch, founder/principal of Design AVEnues, is an expert residential net-zero energy consultant, green building teacher, speaker, and author. She consults with builders, developers, software startups, design firms, investors, utilities, public agencies, and homeowners, providing unmatched knowledge of sustainable and regenerative design and construction. She has 35 years of design experience and has guided project teams in the creation of hundreds of award-winning, high-performance homes. Her leadership and contributions – including facilitation, research, and analysis that shaped the LEED for Homes rating system – create healthy, vibrant living spaces, protect the environment, and provide economic benefits.