You want to take the Solar Executive MBA course. You want to learn more. You want to get ahead. But you’re unsure if this course is right for you.

We understand and want to clarify a few things with you.

We believe there are 3 essential elements in solar development. The first one, is having a firm development budget. The second is knowing the economic value proposition and how any one of a dozen items could spell disaster for your potential solar development goals.

The third element is that you come to the course with a mindset of curiosity. Being comfortable with not knowing everything and not being shy about asking questions. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When Chris and I look back at the most satisfied students, we see what always happens. The ones that are fully engaged in the assignments. The ones that submit questions that they are unclear about. They are also the ones that jump on our group calls and post questions a few days before the scheduled calls to fully be prepared to get their questions answered.

These students also have great follow up questions to those answers we provide which furthers their development in the solar industry and makes them valuable assets to the industry at large.

So, you’re still not sure? Here’s a video that will walk you through just two of the excel workbooks we provide you (there are many more downloads in the course as well). They are correlated to not just this particular video overview, but the detailed lesson plans, lectures and homework assignments for the course.

Watch the video to learn more.


Keith & Chris


P.S. – see you in the class on August 20th, but you can jump in now and get started with the lessons and assignments and prime your questions for our first live call on August 24th.