FREE TOOL: Online Ventilation Sizing & Commissioning Tools

Download Rick Karg’s Toolbox of Online Ventilation Sizing and Commissioning Tools for FREE. 
These free online tools will allow architects, engineers, ventilation designers and installers to size ASHRAE 62.2­2013 ventilation, determine the flow rate of existing ventilation equipment, determine the electrical cost of operating ventilation fans, and calculate the heating and cooling costs of running ventilation systems […]

Home Performance Coalition, Home Energy Magazine, and Rick Karg Tackle ASHRAE 62.2

This week we launched a new course, “ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation for Single-Family Dwellings”, for Fall 2015. To understand why this course is special, you need to meet the A+ team. Rick Karg has been on the ASRAE 62.2 committee since 2007 and heads the existing dwellings group. The Home Performance Coalition has been running the […]