Betting on the Decline of Residential Solar PV Financing

Here is a crazy thought: we will know that solar pv has become mainstream when 3rd party financiers are no longer needed.

I’m very bullish on the ability of 3rd financiers to be able to compete with the general trend of the solar PV industry, huge installed costs reduction, increase electric rates and extremely low risk place to […]

David vs. Goliath: How Can Small Companies Win in the Solar Industry?

In the last few years a small number of big companies have gotten heavily focused on the residential solar market.  SunRun, SolarCity, Sungevity, and Real Goods Inc, have raised a ton of money from both private and public investors to grow in the residential market. SolarCity has $1 billion dollars to fund solar projects and Real Goods is a public company.

This begs the question, if one of these solar behemoth enters the market that you, a small solar company, are operating in, will you be able to compete?  If so, how? It’s the classic David vs. Goliath, solar style!

Before we begin to address this question, let’s back up for second. While I do believe it’s extremely important for small businesses to be able to compete with the large companies, I am not saying that large companies are bad.

Like everything in the solar industry, this is a complex issue with at least two sides.


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