Why Get NABCEP Certified?

Is getting NABCEP Certified worth it?  It’s the only game in town in the solar industry, but it’s not really required – it’s not a license.  People ask me whether it’s worth it all the time and I don’t really know…is it worth it to go to college?  Peter Thiel doesn’t think so.

Since I’m not […]

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The IREC 2010 US Solar Trends Report, 3 Things It Means for Solar Contractors.

A few week’s ago, I wrote about SEIA’s solar market research and what this means for you,  the solar contractor. Recently, IREC released their annual solar market report with the optimistic title: “Solar Markets in the US: Big, Booming, And Oh So Bright”

I wanted to share with you a few highlights directly from the report, feel free to read it all if you want, and digest some of the information into what you should walk away with 3 critical takeaways.  Read past the break for full details and join HeatSpring on facebook to keep up to date on events, tips, resources and news. If you’re a clean energy professional, request to join HeatSpring’s linkedin group for Clean Energy Professionals


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6 Ways to Not Waste Your Money on Solar Training

BUYER BEWARE; when purchasing training, there are a lot of training providers coming into the market. Some are good, but some are bad. You’re smart–just do your homework.

Everyone looking to get into solar industry should take some quality technical solar training so they understand how the systems work, how they are designed, solar code and some basics of sales and incentives. It doesn’t matter if you are going to be selling, installing, managing, or designing–everyone will benefit from quality training about solar.

Here’s a list of the top six characteristics of quality training that every contractor should look into when purchasing training to make sure you don’t waste your money.  My goal with those post is not to sell HeatSpring training, but to make sure you get the best training that fits your needs.


“With this Solar Training, Can I Become an Installer?”

Here’s a question that we get a lot:

After taking your course, will I have enough knowledge to install a complete solar pv system?

It’s one of those questions that is difficult to answer because it’s such a loaded question and there are so many variables.
Here is my response:
It depends.

Here are some things to consider when you’re looking into the installation business. These are relevant whether you’re starting a company, expanding an existing company or if you’re a professional working within a company.
What is your background?
Whether or not our training will prepare you to install a complete solar pv system will depend on your background. What business are you coming from? If you have been a general contractor, electrician or roofer for the past 20 years and now want to do solar, then the answer is most probably yes. It will give you enough information so you’ll know how to design systems. With your background, you’ll most probably have the relationships needed to get subs, pull permits and bid a job. Basically, if you’re coming from the construction business, either residential or commercial, or in a related field, you’re almost 90% there. You just need to learn the solar specific information.