What is NEM Paired Storage?

“Energy Storage Net Metering”, also known as “NEM Paired Storage”, allows a customer with a behind-the-meter solar + storage system to discharge their battery, exporting stored energy back to the grid and receive a net energy metering credit.

NEM Paired Storage can impact the economics of an energy storage project in a meaningfully positive way. It’s […]

Community Solar Industry in MA at Risk Due to Regulatory Changes

More and more people are interested in ‘going solar,’ but most people cannot put solar panels on their roof.
Originally published on RenewableEnergyWorld.com
Imagine this: you want to go solar, get an on-site assessment, and find out that your roof is not adequate due to tree shading, direction of the roof, or age of the roof. Over […]

Solar Women Summer Series: Community Solar and Grid Installation

This week’s Solar Women Summer Series interview, powered by RenewableEnergyWorld.com, features Anna Bowler, Office Manager at Soveren Solar, a solar design/install company specializing in grid-tied photovoltaics with a mission to help build sustainable communities through the development of local renewable energy.

Anna joined Soveren Solar in 2014 as an installer and currently works as the Office Manager for […]

Using Solar to Heat – Net Metering Makes a Difference

In the article below, Vaughan Woodruff, Expert Instructor, Solar Approaches to Radiant Heating, outlines a response to a student who recently asked a question regarding the use of solar electricity for heating and how advances in battery storage might impact the suitability of using solar electricity to provide heating.
“Even though grid-tied electric battery storage is less efficient, is it […]

5 Basic Elements You Need to Know to Finance any Solar Project

If you’re new to the solar industry, go to the Solar 101 Reading list. It has free tools and articles on solar design and installation, sales and marketing, policy, finance and best practices.
Second only to long term, clear and consistent policy, financing is the largest bottleneck that is facing the solar industry. For this reason, […]