Workplace Wellness & Design Interventions for Happier Employees – Free Lecture

Are you ‘Happy At Work?’
In her free lecture ‘Happy at Work: 10 Design Interventions For a Better Workplace’, Kirsten Ritchie identifies key health and happiness attributes prevalent in the workplace that affect personal productivity and, ultimately, the fiscal bottom line of a business. She then provides suggestions for “Well Being Design” interventions, used for creating both […]

Free Lecture: Human Habitat – The Evolution of Efficiency

Enroll in Human Habitat: The Evolution of Efficiency today!

“You can judge your impact on the planet by how much energy you use.”

Chris Dorsi characterizes a dozen countries around the world in terms of electricity consumption, or kWh per year. Dorsi argues that you can continue to enjoy the creature comforts we’ve come to expect in the […]