How LinkedIn Transformed HeatSpring Emails

Here’s an email I got from LinkedIn today:

Contrast that with a HeatSpring newsletter from a few weeks ago:

For eight years I was proud of our email newsletter. We put a lot of hard work into making it relevant and worth opening for our readers. That changed when I started getting hyper-relevant email from LinkedIn every […]

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How I Failed to Attract Venture Capital and What It Says About HeatSpring

I spent the summer of 2014 raising money. More accurately, I spent the summer of 2014 pitching investors to help our company grow more quickly, failed, and cried about it. This is the story of what happened and what it says about our values and mission.

Who Should Read This:

Current or prospective HeatSpring partners
Current or prospective […]

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HeatSpring’s 100 Year Plan & How it Impacts You

We started HeatSpring in 2006.  Recently it dawned on us that doing this work is really hard, but there’s nothing we’d rather be doing.  We’re proud of what HeatSpring is, and talked about what it might become over a 100-year horizon.  I wanted to make our direction public, just in case you’re interested in some […]

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