“A house needs to breathe,” but how much does it need to breathe? Recently developed standards and increasingly affordable measurement tools have made it easier to answer that question with precision, and we’re now able to target one of the largest sources of heat loss/heat gain in existing buildings. Efficiency and weatherization are growing in mass-market appeal because they are a good investment – even in the short term. But, like geothermal heat, and unlike solar and wind, they are not a form of ‘conspicuous production.’  They do not necessarily sell themselves. Beyond dollars and cents, you need a way to ‘jazz up’ efficiency and weatherization for the wide range of your customers. You need to be able to justify building these services into a larger business strategy, so here are some things for you to consider:
Selling Efficiency
Beyond the money, your potential customers will often ask, “Why?” or “Why now?” Or they may say, “Why not a granite countertop first?” Or so many other things. To answer them, it helps to think globally, and locally. Building efficiency is essential to the nation, sure, but it’s also essential to the well being of local communities. It is, probably, one of the easiest ways of doing well by doing good.