Anyone who is anyone in the solar industry has heard of and probably knows who Andy Black of On Grid Solar is. Andy created, as far as I know it, the first solar sales tool in 2005 which continues to be the most robust tool on the market. As part of our series to learn about the best products, services, and software that you can use to make your solar company more profitable, I had a nice conversation with Any to learn more about his sales tool and his perspective on some of the big sales mistakes that new and growing solar companies continue to make in the solar industry.

This is a long interview and its packed with good stuff, but here’s a little guide so you can get the most of the interview.

The first part is about the development of the On Grid solar sales tool and the benefits of using software
The second section is devoted to Andy’s thoughts on the challenges of selling solar, financing projects in the USA, and advice for contractors on marketing and what how to avoid costly mistake in the sales process.
At the end, there is a section on more resources that you can find on On Grid solar and a product demo video of the On Grid tool
Lastly, there is a solar sales training sign up form. If you’re interested in taking on On Grid Solar Sales Certification training that will prepare you for NABCEP Technical Sales exam and provide a 50% discount of the On Grid Sales software.