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Decide the best battery for your application, from a cost perspective. 

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This is a great tool for engineers, designers, and decision makers when determining the best battery to use for any application.

Starting with the input data tab, you characterize up to 10 batteries, choose the cycle life, depth of discharge, efficiency, O&M considerations, cost and even footprint. Then in the LCOE tab, you can compare the inputted batteries to determine what technology has the best return, or the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

The tool is already pre-loaded with the characteristics of typical batteries: flooded lead acid, sealed lead acid, lithium, and high-temperature chemistries. But, all fields are re-writeable to input your batteries of choice.

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About Wes Kennedy

Kennedy was most recently the senior application engineer for SMA America’s Hybrid Energy Solutions group. In this position, project scope ranged from residential PV with battery backup to MW-scale stand-alone microgrids primarily in North America and the Caribbean. He has worked in the solar industry since 1996, when virtually all projects were battery-based. He began his career with pioneering solar companies Jade Mountain and Real Goods, cofounded Colorado EPC firm Namaste Solar, and managed the engineering staffs at groSolar and Abound Solar. His skill sets include engineering, design, training, education, installation, O&M, software modeling, sales, marketing and management. Kennedy currently resides in Boulder County, Colorado.