HeatSpring is proud to announce our newest microgrid course: Microgrid Design & Implementation

Microgrids are the future of energy production and distribution, but very few people understand how to create a successful microgrid. In this course, microgrid expert Dr. Andrew Skumanich provides a practical foundation for understanding microgrids and how to build them.

The course includes a detailed view of the components that go into a microgrid as well as guidance on how to develop a business model, evaluate financing options, and navigate policy. An extended set of supporting tools for developing a microgrid—such as modeling software and system analyzers—are also discussed in detail. The key information is contextualized using case studies and direct learning from existing microgrid projects.

Since the microgrid segment is rapidly developing and evolving, the course will also highlight areas of opportunity for entrepreneurs and startup ventures.

Enroll and you’ll learn how to…

  • Identify the key components that comprise a microgrid.
  • Examine the various challenges to implementing microgrids.
  • Assemble the necessary components to create a functional microgrid.
  • Explore optimization approaches using modeling and other tools.
  • Develop a microgrid business model.
  • Become familiar with the considerations for both U.S.-based and international microgrid deployment.

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About Instructor Dr. Skumanich – Founder and CEO, SolarVision

Dr. Andrew Skumanich is a successful Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of SolarVision Consulting, a boutique technology business development company with a core team of technologists focused on renewables and distributed generation energy production. He is a global expert on microgrids and has participated as part of a team installing more than 1MW of microgrids in developing countries. He co-founded Advenira Enterprises, a start-up that is developing advanced coatings and performance thin films. He provided executive-level support to various solar start-ups including SiGen and Innovalight, as VP of Business Development. He was a Senior Technologist at Applied Materials in the solar and semiconductor divisions. Before that he was at KLA-Tencor, and was a staff scientist at IBM Research. He earned his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in Physics with a thesis on thin films for PV and electronics. He is a Hertz Foundation fellow and a member of the global solar community, often presenting at international conferences. He has published peer-reviewed papers on microgrids as well as other key technology trends.

Enroll in Microgrid Design and Implementation today and spend 10 weeks with Dr. Skumanich. For an introductory glance at how microgrids are poised to alter the economics and topology of the electricity grid, watch Dr. Mahesh Bhave’s free lecture, Microgrid Economics and Feasibility.