Download Ryan Mayfield’s Megawatt String Sizing Tool 2.0 for free!

This is an updated version of the original Megawatt String Sizing Tool

This updated String Sizing tool includes a large re-work of the modules and inverters used in the existing database. There are significant updates in verifying inverter specifications and the interaction of multiple MPPTs in the inverters and the string sizing calculations. We have also identified the top areas for additional improvement, including: expanding the inverter list to include inverters with three MPPTs and dc optimizers.

Enroll in Megawatt Design and spend 10 weeks with Ryan Mayfield and earn 30 NABCEP Advanced Credit Hours6 NABCEP Technical/JTA6 NABCEP Elective3 NABCEP NEC, and 30 AIA LU/HSW Credits.

You’ll learn about: Project qualification, site and equipment selection, software tools for designing, desgning systems based on different criteria, fire code and structural connections, NEC considerations and applications/utility interconnection, PV installation safety, operations and maintenance, and permitting and submittal package preparation. Week 10 will convene with your capstone project– submitting a full, Megawatt solar PV design.