If you’re like me, you have a tendency to pass over good information, because you become so busy. Everything becomes urgent and nothing becomes important.

Crisis management is the trend, but what if that can change?

As it relates to the micro-inverter market, there are a few in the marketplace that often put you into this urgency mode. Whether it is product availability, multiple products to choose depending upon the type of panel you select or the infamous truck roll costs.

But what if it could be different?

Come join Keith Cronin for an educational course on a little-known company called Chilicon Power: Chilicon Power 720W Micro-Inverter and Cortex Gateway

Learn about their unique software architecture that is built into their dual-micro 720W inverters. See how their Cortex gateway manages production of your systems and also does a stellar job at AC coupling. 

If you are in a situation where you’re not allowed to export power, they’ve got you covered. Need to work with battery storage in on and off grid applications, you’re all set. Activate Frequency-Watt mode and watch the system synchronize.

How about working with generators? Their unique Volt-Watt mode will get you there, and reduce fuel consumption of your generator.

Their portal is something akin to being able to landing the Mars Maven with a few clicks of your mouse. Powerful and flexible in its capabilities and options for all of your projects today in the residential and commercial space.

Come join us for this and ask questions about how Chilicon will work for your next project.

Designed, manufactured and supported in California.

See you soon.

Keith Cronin
VP of Strategic Alliances
Chilicon Power