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Our Leaders in High Performance Building Giveaway was created for those who have helped plan, design, construct, and/or operate a high performance building. Entrants could submit a photo of their high performance project(s).* The photo could show the entire high performance building or a feature of the high performance building (systems, etc). We randomly selected a winner in February 2016!

Our first featured High Performance Building Giveaway Entrant submitted 
a house built to replace a house that burned down on the same spot the year before. A 3700 sq ft house built to the Passive House standard, currently going through certification with PHI. The house is on a beautiful spot on the Lake Champlain island of South Hero in Vermont. The house has 11.25″ of rigid EPS under the slab and insulation running up the inside of the cement wall with additional cellulose to increase basement wall R-value to R45. The walls are 16″ double stud walls with a 1.5″ service cavity. The attic flat has a 30″ raised heel truss and loose fill cellulose boasting giving us R-104. The Air barrier is the exterior CDX taped at seams and junctions with a mixture of ProClima Tescon Vana and SIGA tapes. Windows are from PVC industries Revolution line U-0.16, triple glazed with insulated frames. High SHGC on the south and low SHGC on the west, east, and north sides. Window massing is majority on south with moderate on the east and west and just a few on the north side. Orientation is true south for the main south wall. Ventilation is being done utilizing a Zehnder CA500 ERV with the Comfofonds ground loop pre-heater. Heating is being provided with a 4 head Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Variable Flow Rate heat pump (one condenser and four heads). Backup heat and aesthetic heat being provided by a central, sealed combustion, masonry stove. Final blower door test for the house was 0.36 ACH50. Final heat demand is 4.35 kBtu/sq ft*yr with an maximum heat load of 14,332 btu/hr at -1 F. House has been occupied since the summer and the client has yet to turn the heat on even though we have had low temperatures around 20F already. The owner is very happy with the house and is looking forward to her first winter in it. Picture is from before the landscaping was complete.”

Continue Learning: Passive House Design

Spend seven weeks with Mike Duclos, Principal and Founder of DEAP Energy Group, learning how to meet the rigorous (and non-negotiable) Passive House design criteria and make Passive House happen in the real world. Earn 10 PHIUS CPHC CEUs, 17.5 Building Performance Institute (BPI) CEUs, 10 AIA LU/HSW Credits, 6 GBCI credits (CE Hours for LEED Professionals).

*High performance buildings maximize operational energy savings; improve comfort, health, and safety of occupants and visitors; and limit detrimental effects on the environment.

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