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About Chris Williams

Chris Williams is from Faze1. Faze1 helps HVAC and solar companies laser focus their marketing by using big data to target homeowners based on their heating and solar characteristics. Go to Faze1 (http://www.faze-1.com) to put their data to work for you for free with free custom analysis of your service territory. Chris has worked with HeatSpring, Nexamp, Ground Energy Support, and on lobbying for renewable thermal legislation in Massachusetts.

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About Dr. Sean White – 2014 IREC Trainer of the Year

Dr. Sean White was the 2014 Interstate Renewable Energy Council Trainer of the Year. He is an ISPQ Certified Solar PV Master Trainer and has authored several books on solar. He contributed to the development of the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Job Task Analysis and has been a member of the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Technical Committee. Sean is a highly-experienced PV educator with thousands of hours teaching entry level, intermediate, and advanced PV classes at solar training centers throughout the world. Many hundreds of his students are employed at both startup and leading solar companies. Sean also designs commercial and residential PV systems.

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