We are excited to announce a new free lecture: How to Get More Clients, Team Members and Profits for Your Solar Business by veteran instructor and solar business expert Keith Cronin!

Keith will be hosting live Q&A sessions and answering questions on the discussion board over the next few weeks. To join, just enroll here, watch Keith’s lecture and post you questions to the discussion board. You will also find more information about the Q&A sessions there.

Course Description

You want more clients, but struggle with finding them fast. You want to grow your team and hire people, but they seem to be as easy to find as Big Foot. You want to make more money, but the competition is driving prices down too low to make a dollar.

You’re frustrated. You want to take care of your family. Grow your business. Serve your community.You could use some strategies and simple frameworks to get you there.This course will help you focus on the 3 essential pillars of your business.

  • Your Clients
  • Your Team
  • Your Numbers

You need all three to be working together. They need to. If you don’t have more clients, you can’t hire more people. If you can’t hire more people, you can’t make more money. If you can’t make more money, you can’t serve your community and spread your message to more people.

How to stop this terrible cycle, is to adjust your approach to clients, to hiring and to your numbers.

Good news. It’s free to learn.

And if you like this, the next step is the Solar Business Masterclass. This course will help you 10X your results by recalibrating how you look at everything in your business.

You want more time with your family.
You want more time helping your team get better.
You want to make a difference in your community.

Get your pad and pen out and learn something that will transform you and your business.

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Dive Deeper

We invite you to join Keith’s Solar Business Masterclass which includes his 8-module online course as well as access to ongoing live webinar sessions held every other week. There is a new session starting soon. Take the next step and explore this transformative learning experience for you and your solar business.

Keith Cronin is an in-demand business consultant. Keith is one of HeatSpring’s most popular and best rated instructors and has received many glowing reviews from students. He has helped solar companies achieve their goals through his perspective, recruiting, coaching sessions and products. After his company was acquired by SunEdison, he decided to help people and serve others in Hawaii and across the globe.

After his tenure with SunEdison, he founded SunHedge. SunHedge assists small to medium size businesses to increase profitability by developing systems which streamline the workflow from sales to operations.

He’s also involved in solar farm development, and works with hedge funds, venture groups, high net worth individuals and land owners to bring together both parties to structure financial instruments for their projects development and ongoing operations with bilateral agreements, FIT and negotiated PPA’s.