Learn geothermal HVAC design fundamentals, with emphasis on building load (residential, commercial and institutional) development, leading to bore field specification.

Watch Al’s lectures (one introductory, the other highly technical), and download a Geothermal HVAC Design Performance Simulator excel file in his brand new, $45 HeatSpring course.

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  • Who should enroll?

Engineers, HVAC contractors, building owners, and those who are considering geothermal installations, or who are specifying a geothermal design (for an existing or planned building) should enroll in Al’s new course.

  • You’ll learn…

Implementing a simple load profile representative of the building (its construction, use and location) that will lead to an appropriate bore field design specification and performance expectation.

  • What’s different about this course from other geothermal design trainings?

This short course is intended as a compact, efficient, “ready-to- use” tool for developing building load data and exploring the impact of geothermal bore field design on HVAC system performance. You can’t get this information in one place anywhere else!

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About Instructor Albert Koenig, Ph.D. – Founder, ARB GeoWell, LLC

Albert Koenig is a Ph.D. in physics with 35 years of engineering work experience in renewable energy development. He has worked for General Electric Co., Advanced Energy Programs, Chloride Silent Power (UK), Ben Franklin Technology Partners (PA) and American Refining & Biochemical, and along the way started two companies: Silent Power Systems (battery energy storage) and ARBgeowell (improved geothermal loop product). Al has worked at the forefront of renewable energy development, including high temperature solar concentrators, the first 0.5 MWe wind turbine, high energy density battery development, and geo-exchange technology… Learn more about Albert.

Enroll in Geothermal HVAC Design from Building Loads to Bore Field Design for just $45!