Learning about geothermal? Interested in GeoPro product training?

Join HeatSpring and GeoPro University in four new totally free lectures.

1. GP101: Introduction to GeoPro Products

The first step to a successful grouting project is choosing the right grout. Take this short course to get familiar with GeoPro’s full line of geothermal grouting products and thermal enhancement compounds. Learn the appropriate uses and mix recipes for each product, as well as the many advantages our products have over the alternatives.

2.GP202: GeoPro Product Handling

This course focuses on proper handling practices to minimize the potential for issues in the field. Topics include general mixing guidelines, proper silica sand selection, water quality concerns, common seasonal issues and problems with formation losses. A look at proper mixing equipment selection rounds out the lesson leaving you with all of the information needed to ensure success during installation.

3. GP301: Quality Assurance

The end of a geothermal installation is a terrible time to ask if design specifications were met. Learn how to effectively manage the grouting portion of a geothermal project from design throughout installation without missing project milestones or overburdening the system designer, project manager or the installers with unnecessary work.

4. GP401: Technical Grouting Considerations

The role of thermal grout in the thermodynamic performance and the health of the deep earth environment of every geothermal installation cannot be overstated. This course covers an in depth discussion of the technical considerations governing grout selection including a detailed discussion about grout thermal conductivities and their effects on system performance.

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About Instructor Tyler Harbeck – GeoPro, Inc.

Tyler Harbeck is a Mechanical Engineer at Geo Pro, Inc. He has been involved in the ground source heat pump industry since 2009. His involvement within the industry has been mostly concentrated on geothermal grout research and technical support for Geo Pro, Inc. He also has hands on experience with design and installation of all types of geothermal systems. Tyler graduated with his Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering from South Dakota State University in 2009.