HeatSpring’s Sustainable Scholar Program

Our Sustainable Scholar Program honors the work of engineers, academics, contractors, installers, policymakers, and change makers working on innovative green technologies, disrupting the status quo in energy and building, and creating positive change for a sustainable future.

We know that the smartest minds in our industry don’t always have the time and resources to share their knowledge with the world. It is our hope that the grants we award through our Sustainable Scholar Program will help support our sustainable scholars in the development of free, public online learning content for the HeatSpring community and other leaders within the industry.

We do not offer applications for the HeatSpring Sustainable Scholar Program, but we are open to suggestions for nominees. Please email info (at) heatspring.com if you would like to nominate a leader in your industry.

HeatSpring’s 2016 Sustainable Scholars

Meet Sustainable Scholar Andy Skumanich: Global Microgrid Expert & Solar Start-up Whiz

A successful Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, Dr. Andy Skumanich is currently CEO and Founder of SolarVision Consulting, a boutique technology business development company whose technologists work on renewables and DG energy production projects. He also co-founded Advenira Enterprises, a start-up that develops advanced coat ins and performance thin films. In the past, he’s provided executive […]

This Sustainable Scholar Has Lived Off-Grid for 30+ Years, Writes and Teaches About Renewable Energy

Ian Woofenden is the epitome of a HeatSpring Sustainable Scholar. He built his first solar greenhouse at the age of ten, has pedaled his bike more than 20,000 miles since selling his car five years ago, shares his knowledge and ideas as Senior Editor for Home Power Magazine, authored “Wind Power for Dummies,” co-authored “Power From the […]