Zero Net Energy Homes

Marc Rosenbaum’s ‘Zero Net Energy Homes’ has helped students produce hundreds of zero net energy home designs since 2011, many of which have been built.

“Deep Energy Retrofits” with Marc Rosenbaum

Right now, sitting in his office on Martha’s Vineyard, Marc Rosenbaum is building “Deep Energy Retrofits”, the newest Building Energy Masters Series offering. Here’s a recent update from Marc:
I’m happy to report that the ten weeks of presentation powerpoints are done, and I’m starting on the case study powerpoints today. (I am less happy to report […]

Free Lecture: “Electrical Loads in High Performance Buildings” with Chris Calwell

Accurately predicting electrical loads is the biggest source of error in the design of battery-based solar pv systems and zero net energy homes. In this free lecture, Chris Calwell outlines best practices for predicting and measuring electrical loads in high performance buildings. Register for the free lecture here.
This presentation covers the subject of plug load […]

Interview: How to Create a Holistic Built Environment – Transportation, Solar, and More

We reached out to Ryan C.C. Chin, Ph.D., the Managing Director and Research Scientist of MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places group, to learn about the initiatives his group is working on to reshape cities into more holistic systems and how the HeatSpring community of contractors, engineers, policy makers, and other building professionals can help and get involved.

MIT Media Lab’s Changing […]

3+ Ways to Replace Spray Foam Insulation in Your Basement

Here’s a discussion feed from one of our best-selling courses, Zero Net Energy Homes. In the discussion, one of our students asks Marc Rosenbaum for foam-free ways to retrofit her New England basement.

Here are the alternatives to spray foam discussed below:

Expanded cork board insulation
Rigid rock wool
Mineral wool batt to conform roughly to the rubble wall […]

John Siegenthaler Reviews Heat Pumps

In the article below, John Siegenthaler, Principal of Appropriate Designs, explains how air-to-water heat pumps offer new opportunities for hydronic pros. At the end of the article, John runs the numbers to answer the question: “How does the performance of an air-to-water heat pump compare to that of a geothermal heat pump?”  John teaches two […]