About Pamela Cargill

Pamela Cargill is Principal of Chaolysti, a consulting firm that uses organizational development and operational effectiveness techniques to create resilient solar companies while lowering soft costs and increasing customer value. She has brokered operational effectiveness programs and grown and streamlined residential solar companies for over a decade. Ms. Cargill actively tracks the solar software ecosystem.

Why We Haven’t Crossed the Chasm in Residential Solar & What to Do

Just because we’re not shooting fish in a barrel doesn’t mean we’re moving past the late early majority, venturing into the mainstream, or “crossing the chasm” of residential solar. Since December 2015, I’ve been exploring the macro changes happening in the US residential solar markets and wondering where (and if) we were moving into mature […]

Post-ITC Planning: Key Questions for Everyone in the Solar Value Chain

The solar industry received a holiday gift this year in the form of the extension of the ITC. But we aren’t entirely out of the woods. Numerous threats to NEM and rate cases at dozens of utilities across the nation stand to fundamentally change the value of solar. Already, Nevada has retroactively eliminated its NEM program as […]