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Jonathan Deesing is a home solar specialist with SolarPowerAuthority.com. When he's not climbing on rooftops you can find him tending to his bees or jumping our of planes.

Lesser Known Ways Solar Helps the World

Solar power is the perfect fit for developing nations across the globe. Solar offers free, sustainable energy that won’t harm local communities in the way fossil fuels often do. What’s more, cheap and reliable energy is often a boon for local economies – letting people work smarter and more efficiently. But these rural, off-grid communities […]

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Explaining the Value of Solar to Customers

With such a long list of benefits, you’d think solar panels would sell themselves. But many potential customers still need convincing before they can make the jump to green living. As beneficial as solar panels are for reducing a household’s carbon footprint and increasing its energy efficiency, the cold, hard facts about the benefits of […]

When Cities Go Solar: 5 Ways to Make the Case

Getting Your City’s Buy-In on Solar
After years of dancing around the idea of sustainability, some select cities have begun to make it a reality with ground-breaking solar industry partnerships. Jackie Biskupski, mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, recently announced a long-term commercial partnership between Salt Lake and Rocky Mountain Power, which aims to open the […]