About Asif Khokher

Asif Khokhar is seasoned Professional Engineer and certified NABCEP PVIP having 24+ Years of experience as Consultant/Owner's Engineer and Project Manager in various domains like Front End Engineering & Design, Tender Design, Detailed Design & System Integration, Design Review, Approvals, Inspection/ Commissioning in the field of Instrumentation & Control Systems, SCADA and Solar Energy Systems in more than 30 No. of international EPC projects. His extensive experience comes from various industry domains like Power/Utility, Oil & Gas Petrochemicals, Metro Train, Hydropower and Water/ Wastewater. He also delivers professional trainings courses through online and in-person class rooms. He is currently owner and director of an engineering consultancy firm.

Looking to be Professional in Solar PV Systems – 10 Things You Need to Learn

Learning solar photovoltaic systems might not be as straightforward as they appear while standing, fixed on a roof, or installed on the ground.  Even though it seems like basic electricity-generating modules, the process of creating electrical energy involves various theories that span several different scientific fields.

Here are the top things you need to know from […]

June 5th, 2023|Categories: Solar, Solar Design & Installation, Solar miscellaneous, Solar Plus Storage||

Guidelines for Designing Grounding Systems for Solar PV Installations in Accordance With the NEC

Grounding and bonding is a subject area that can be confusing to many. In this blog post, we summarize key points according to the NEC. The NEC is the primary guiding document for the safe designing and installation practices of solar PV systems in the residential and commercial markets in the United States. The summary […]

November 28th, 2022|Categories: Solar, Solar Design & Installation, Solar miscellaneous||