HS TV Ep 3. How to Study for the NABCEP Certification

HeatSpring TV is coming along nicely. We’re planning on having a combination of interviews and conversations with other industry experts, myself presenting news stories and how it affect contractors, or Brian and I discussing a specific topic. In this episode, Brian Hayden and I discuss how I’m studying for the NABCEP Exam on September 24th and we also discuss the development of credentialing in the solar and geothermal industry in general. Read more to continue and join HeatSpring’s facebook community to get more HS TV episodes.

If you’re studying for the NABCEP, you can download my free NABCEP Exam Study Guide Cliff notes here. 


What is on the NABCEP? What and How Should you Study?

The NABCEP exam is becoming more and more standard for professionals who are looking to work within the industry at small, medium and large size solar EPC contractors. Even salespeople are seeing pressure to have the NABCEP. A quick glance at many job posting for salespeople and installers are seeing an increase in the demand for the NABCEP certification so companies can be sure their employee’s can speak to clients knowledgeably about solar.

With the next NABCEP Photovoltaic exam coming up in September, we’ve had a lot of questions from students about what will be on the exam and the best way to prepare.

There are many things you can use to study, but two absolutely necessities are the NABCEP Job Tasks Analysis and the National Electric Code 2008 book. Read below to see a description of what will be on the exam, feel free to ask HeatSpring any study questions about the NABCEP you might have on HeatSpring’s facebook page.

If you’re studying for the exam, see our Free NABCEP Exam Study Guide Cliff Notes.


The IREC 2010 US Solar Trends Report, 3 Things It Means for Solar Contractors.

A few week’s ago, I wrote about SEIA’s solar market research and what this means for you,  the solar contractor. Recently, IREC released their annual solar market report with the optimistic title: “Solar Markets in the US: Big, Booming, And Oh So Bright”

I wanted to share with you a few highlights directly from the report, feel free to read it all if you want, and digest some of the information into what you should walk away with 3 critical takeaways.  Read past the break for full details and join HeatSpring on facebook to keep up to date on events, tips, resources and news. If you’re a clean energy professional, request to join HeatSpring’s linkedin group for Clean Energy Professionals


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What Is The Value of the NABCEP Certification?

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) has become the primary certification entity for the solar industry and they continue to add more certifications. There is continued debate online about the value of the certifications.

Some states are now requiring NABCEP certification, NOT to pull permits, but to apply for incentives that are as critical as permits to completing a project. You can get more information on incentive programs through:

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)
Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Solar Licensing Database

Most solar industry professionals who I’ve spoken with have an opinion about NABCEP certification. Here are some of the comments I’ve collected.


“What Do I Need To Become a Licensed Solar Installer?” A State-by-State Answer!

“What do I need to do to become a licensed solar installer?”
This is the most common question we hear from the experienced professionals who take HeatSpring solar design and installation courses.  There are always a few hoops to jump through, but it’s not always clear what those hoops are.  We have always tried to stay […]

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