“How much are SRECs currently trading for?”

This question got answered today on the Message Wall in our Free SREC Course.  The Message Wall is the biggest thing to happen at HeatSpring since we first took classes online in 2008.  The Message Wall is a private, Facebook-style conversation that happens right next to all of the course videos and assignments.  It took us 4 years to design and implement something that now seems stupidly simple: a place to have more informal conversation and banter – just like you’d expect in a classroom.

I’m writing about it because I think it’s a way better place than LinkedIn groups to get honest, detailed answers.  It feels like all of my LinkedIn groups have become watered down and directionless.  Ever feel that way?  I like that the course Message Wall has a finite lifespan and the only other people using it are thinking about exactly the same things you are – that’s why they signed up.

So if you want to know the price of SRECs or need advice about Geothermal Tax Incentives, or have more technical questions – there’s a great course Message Wall waiting for you.  It’s not flashy, but I can’t think of a better place to connect with other people thinking about the exact same things you are, at the exact same time (with some curation and leadership on the part of the instructor).

We’re not all that smart, but we pay attention and try to do things that make sense and work.  The Message Wall works.