NOTE: In December 2014 we published a new and expanded solar startup guide. The new guide is 4,500 words with 30+ new and free reading resources and tools. Click here to download the new solar startup guide. 

If you’re new to the solar industry, go to the Solar 101 Reading list. It has free tools and articles on solar design and installation, sales and marketing, policy, finance and best practices. If you need to understand the technical side of residential solar PV design, download the free 60+ page PDF Solar PV Design 101 to learn the basic terms, how to estimate array size, power production, size an inverter, and size module strings and conductor size.

If you’re going start a solar business, you need to learn how to perform site visits. Performing high quality and efficient site visits is absolutely critical to the success of profitable solar projects, especially residential projects! You need to be able to capture all of the information you need to 1) quote the system correctly 2) design the project and 3) inform the installation crew what to expect. An efficient site visit process will lead to smooth operations and profitable jobs while complex process can lead to unprofitable jobs and a lot of confusion.

Also, if you’re going to be start a solar business and need to write a business plan, click here to get a discount for our Solar Startup Accelerator. In 6 weeks, you’ll write a complete 20 page page business plan (for under $1,000 dollars) for your new solar business with expert guidance.

If you’re brand new to the solar industry, we’re also getting a lot of questions about the NABCEP Certification. For this, I have two resources for you.

Click here to learn what is NABCEP and wether or not you should need to get the certification. If you’re serious about the solar industry and you want to get the NABCEP Certification, but you need to understand how exactly to apply, you can read more about getting the NABCEP Certification here.

If you’re new and into solar finance, I have a few great things for you.

Back to the solar startup guide….

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