In this post I’m going to focus on describing how and why I’ve created a presentation for a workshop meant to drive sales of geothermal, solar and energy efficiency projects in coastal Maine. I’ve noticed in a lot of my posts it’s useful to be as specific as possible, as there are many other contractors doing what I’m working on, so I’m going to attempt to very specific in this post as well.

I’ve been writing about creating a renewable energy division with an existing construction company over the past month or so. Part 1 – How to Building a Renewable Energy Division and an Existing Company and Part 2 – Designing a “Sellable” Solar or Geothermal Company.

Just to review, based on the advice I’ve given about creating a renewable energy workshop to bring your customers to you, I’m creating one for a new company.

The location and dates have been set. It will be at 4pm on Saturday September 24th. It was amazingly easy to schedule the event. Most libraries, including Belfast’s, have meeting rooms and they offer them for a very small fees for events that are free and open/useful to the public. My event will be free and useful to the public because it’s about educating them on how to utilize government money to weatherize their homes.

Now the challenge is to create the presentation and the flyers to get people to attend and turn attendees into customers.

Outlining the Presentation: Strategy and Details.

Here is the oultine of the presenation. Basically, I brain-dumped a general outline, strategy and what I wanted to achieve in the presentation before filling out the specifics. I did not focus on branding at all, just a raw outline.

Providing Specifics in the Presentation

Once I outlined the presentation, I filled in all the specifics. Again, this is a raw version with no branding considered and some spelling errors. I will be updating and revising this more before the final presentation but wanted to share the detailed version with you.

Creating a Flyer

Here is a potential flyer to use. I’m going to create 3 or 4 and test them in different locations around time to see which headlines and locations drive the most traffic. I know what some of you may be saying, “A flyer?! This is the 21st century, Twitter, yadda yadda yadda” While I agree with you, this is also rural Maine. Most people don’t have cable internet, nor is the wireless network strong enough to use smart-phones. “Old-School” Tactics that will not working in Boston/NYC/DC, will work in Maine. You need to understand your market to effectively market.

 A couple VERY important points to review.

1 – The workshop MUST be valuable to the homeowners. Think about this way, are you providing information that people will pay for? By giving me their time, they are essentially paying me because in other marketing channels, I would have to pay in order to get in front of them.

2 – Do not talk about yourself, or you company. Only mention about information to give you credibility. Talk about what your customers care about. They about their homes, the returns they can get and government incentives they can apply for. By providing them information they want to learn about they will naturally grow to respect and trust you. Trust and respect are key to closing sales.

3 – What do you want potential customers to walk away this. this is a key question to answer. even if they don’t purchase on the spot (they won’t because its a high value purchase) you want people walking away liking you, trusting you, remembering 1 or 2 pieces of advice you provided to them, remembering your name, and thinking of you as an expert in anythign related to renewable energy so that when they DO have a question in 6 months, 1 or 2 years, they will call you.

4 – Print out 20 copies of the presentation to provide to interested parties after the presentation. This will provide interested leads a way to jot down questions and spend more time soaking in the information you provide to them. It will also make it easier for them to follow up with you because all your contact information will be in the booklet. These booklets don’t have to be expensive “binders” they can simply be all the slides printed out and stabled together. Anything conveys the information of your workshop in a form that they can bring home will work.