Today’s we’re launching a quick and simple but important addition to our extensive library of free articles, white-papers, tools and free courses, and it’s called HeatSpring’s Ask An Expert service. The Ask an Expert service is for both clean energy professionals and property owners that need help with a very specific situations related to clean energy.

Our industry certification and continuing education trainings have always provided the students of each course with direct contact with our instructors through forums, our message boards, and direct face to face contact. But what happens after the class is finished? What happens if you run into a specific problem while doing a site visit? If you have a question when writing a proposal, creating a design or during commissioning of a project? What happens if you’re brought into a project that is having trouble and your task is to determine what is wrong? We think our Ask An Expert portal will help you.

There is value in simplicity, speed, and curation. There’s a lot of information on the internet but a lot of the information does not fit YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION. Many times it’s hard to find an answer for a complex problem and we want to use our community of readers, students, instructors, and partners to help each other all the time.

Our goal at HeatSpring is to provide renewable energy professionals and property owners with all the information you need to make money or save money using clean energy. We realize that sometimes professionals and property owners have specific questions that cannot be addressed in HeatSpring Magazine, in a industry certification training, or in a free course. For this reason, we created Heatspring’s Ask An Expert service. The service is both for professionals and property owners.

CLICK HERE if you are an INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL – engineers, tradesman, salesperson, architect, executive – looking to ask a question.

  • The professional section is split up in technology sections, within each section, feel free to ask any question about marketing, sales, design, installation, project management, policy, and finance.
  • We’ll work to get you an answer within 48 hours.

CLICK HERE if you are a PROPERTY OWNER that is looking to ask a question related to the design, installation, policy, or financial implications of investing in clean energy.

  • The property owner section allows you to send us a specific question and we’ll respond to it within 48 hours. We didn’t feel it would make sense to make this information public because it can involve sharing private information about your home including addresses. etc.