We’ve been striving to be perfect for six years and failing continually – but embracing failure was a conscious choice because we think ‘who learns fastest’ is the most important metric these days.  On the heels of all that learning, we now regard two things as magic:

  1. Deep subject matter expertise.
  2. Proven marketing capability.

If you have deep subject matter expertise or proven marketing capability, HeatSpring might be a great partner.  Together we can build your ‘University’ – a learning platform to support everything else you do.

What exactly do we do?

  • Extract deep expertise from the best and brightest in your organization – bring it forward and help to organize it in a way that is most useful to the people who already love you.
  • Develop original content from outside an organization to fit a learning goal.  We’ll fill in whatever gaps your program has without the need to hire anybody.
  • Organize and deliver amazing blended training (online and face to face) that students LOVE.  The operations are in place already – we’ll do as much as you want us to.
  • Provide Detailed Reporting on learning – the tools to do that include our PROGRESS BAR, QUIZZES, and BACK-END ANALYTICS.

What experience do we have?

We’re currently working with six organizations.  These are deep, long-term relationships that we’re proud of and investing in.  We spend sleepless nights thinking about each one and how to make the programs better.  NESEA’s Building Energy Masters Series is an especially exciting collaboration that has evolved over several years.

Who does HeatSpring curriculum development and delivery works best for?

  • Organizations that are already established, have an existing network in place, and a track record for success.  Education and training multiply the value of existing resources by codifying and spreading a good thing – but that good stuff needs to exist in some form already.  No startups, please.
  • Organizations that have a track record of strong partnerships.  Some companies like to do everything themselves, but our most successful relationships are built on a high level of trust – where both sides show all of their cards – and an intent to work together for the long-haul.  Tentative or short-term partnerships aren’t a good investment for anybody.
  • Companies or organizations with a sense of purpose.  Education and training development isn’t glamorous – sorry to break it to you.  You have to really believe what you’re doing matters in order to stick with it.  There’s a level of evangelism required to consistently deliver a great training program and we think that’s a good thing.  Commodity, old-school businesses need not apply.
  • It’s now easier than ever to teach online – register for a GoToMeeting account and you’re off and running!  And the traveling trainer with a Powerpoint deck is still the norm in the building industry.  So the organization, from the highest level, has to want something better.

Why us?

  • Six years of failing, improving and succeeding.  We have a processes that we know works and we’ll do it for you, you don’t need to hire more people, you don’t need to invest time and money in doing it wrong.  It’s the same reason you’d ask a concierge to recommend a restaurant in a new city – sure, you could do it yourself, but he’s been to all of them before and it’s easier to have him do it for you.
  • That process is evolving every day.  Since we have years of experience, work with a variety of partners, and stay plugged into EdTech, we’ll make sure you don’t wake up one day and realize you’re way out of touch and have to start over.
  • We have existing library of many trainings that can get you jump started.  That library grows all the time.
  • You can contribute to that library and tap into new audiences who might be interested in what you know.

Next Steps
If you think working with HeatSpring will make your business an organization that you’re a part of better you have a few options

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  2. Take a free course that will teach you how you can start creating courses
  3. Sign up for a free course to learn our model for teaching online
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