New Course: Connecting Utility-Scale Solar PV to Distribution Systems

The United States is forecasted to add an additional 21.8 GW of utility-scale solar in 2022 and 24.1 GW in 2023, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. In fact, they expect solar additions to account for nearly half of new generating capacity in 2022. That translates to a whole lot more large photovoltaic power […]

Recycling PV Equipment – Why We All Should Be Talking About the End-Of-Life of Solar PV Systems: A Conversation with Kate Collardson of

HeatSpring’s Brit Heller sits down with Kate Collardson, one of the founders of, about the need for the solar industry to begin addressing solar power plant’s decommissioning and recycling for projects as they are being built today in order to have a truly sustainable future tomorrow. Kate’s day job is Senior Manager of Residential […]

Selecting DAS Equipment on Utility Scale PV Projects

Data acquisition systems (DAS) are often employed on small utility scale solar projects to gather information about the performance and conditions of a site. Various sensors, meters, and equipment collect the data that must then be evaluated and visualized within a database. Operators then assess this data to ensure that the solar power plants are […]

Agrivoltaics in Action – Jack’s Solar Garden

Connecting the dots between clean energy, local food, and community building may seem like a utopian dream, but for Byron Kominek, founder of Jack’s Solar Garden, it is an intentional undertaking that has been generations in the making. By co-locating beneficial agriculture and a solar power plant, Jack’s Solar Garden is the country’s largest commercially […]

Agrivoltaics: a multi-faceted approach to climate change

Climate change affects everyone and farmers are feeling the pressure now more than ever. Higher temperatures, dwindling water supplies, and a challenging economy are pushing farmers to explore new revenue streams and opportunities for their land. 

What is agrivoltaics? 

Local solar energy production and resilient food systems can, and arguably should, go hand-in-hand when possible. Responsible land […]