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[Interview] Grid Storage Economics and Policy 101

There has been a huge amount of buzz about storage lately with more press hitting every week. SCE signed 250MW worth of contracts, Sandia is investing in battery reliability studies, the Navy is investing in micro-grids, Texas is evaluating storage, and New Jersey has issued an RFQ for a grid-scale energy storage solution.
I wanted to connect with an expert to […]

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Building Microgrids? Four Economic Factors to Consider

Microgrids are poised to alter the economics and topology of the electricity grid, ultimately transforming the electricity industry as we know it. In this article, we discuss the four economic factors to consider before and during microgrid development and provide an opportunity for designers, policymakers, and industry experts to join a community of microgrid professionals […]

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AC Coupling – How to Cost Effectively Add Battery Back-up to Existing Grid-Tied Solar PV systems

This is a guest article by Chris LaForge.

Chris is teaching an in-depth 6-week technical training on designing battery based solar PV systems that starts in September. You can read the full description and get a limited-time discount here. If you need to learn how to design, quote, and commission a battery based solar PV array, […]

Chris LaForge on Load Analysis for Battery-Based Solar Projects [Video]

ISPQ Master trainer and solar legend Christopher LaForge is teaching a class on designing battery based solar PV systems. The capstone project for the class is design a complete battery based solar PV system.
This is an intensive six-week training with solar legend Christopher LaForge. PV systems that employ batteries require significant design considerations. Whether you’re […]

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