A behind-the-scenes look at HeatSpring courses and instructors.

Learn in 60 Minutes: Conventional vs. Passive Floor Planning

If you don’t floor plan properly, you will fail.

During this free 60-minute lecture, Mike Duclos, Principal and Founder of DEAP Energy Group and expert instructor at HeatSpring, describes how Passive House floor planning differs from conventional floor planning. Mike provides a background on the Passive House movement, presents examples of Passive House designs and floor […]

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‘Commercial Roofing Boot Camp': A new online workshop from Jim Hoff, ARW Magazine, and HeatSpring

Jim Hoff is the VP of research at the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing (The Center) and a longtime industry executive. This spring, he’s teaching a ten-week, advanced design course online for 50 professionals.  It’s a details-oriented design course that combines video lessons, reading assignments, and hands-on calculations and homework. Dr. Hoff says: “There’s […]

Part Two of John Siegenthaler’s Free Hydronics Lesson: Pipe Expansion

John Siegenthaler is the grandmaster of hydronic heating systems and in our last video, he covered fittings. In this 12 minute segment, John discusses pipe expansion. This is obviously critical information for anyone designing high-performance hydronic systems.

Click here to learn more about John’s ‘Hydronics Master Class’

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Leveraging your HeatSpring training using LinkedIn

You know your HeatSpring training is valuable, but how do you share that knowledge with prospective employers, business partners, or potential clients? One easy, effective way is through LinkedIn, the largest professional social network in the world. This video provides step-by-step instructions for maximizing the impact of your HeatSpring training by documenting it on your LinkedIn […]

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How to Measure the Value of an Online Training Program

There are really only two things that matter when you’re evaluating the quality and value of an online training program:

What tangible skills do you have at the end that you didn’t have at the beginning?  Can you prove that you’ve acquired those skills?  How valuable are those skills within your career and company?  If you […]

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