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Like any organization, HeatSpring is people. We have hopes and dreams and come to work in relentless pursuit of excellence, honesty, laughter, and human connection. Occasionally we write about what we’re up to and post it here.

We’re always looking for the next great course. If you’re in possession of some powerful and transformative knowledge, please consider teaching a course with us.

2015 Entrepreneur’s Guide to Employee Health Coverage

Q: “What does your small business do about employee health insurance?”

I surveyed twenty businesses with fewer than twenty-five employees because we’re trying to figure out what to do at HeatSpring. The U.S. health insurance market is in the throes of some big changes and it’s hard to determine what information is most relevant to small companies […]

Meet Gabrielle Rossetti, HeatSpring’s New Community Builder

As education goes digital, the big fear is that we’ll have fewer opportunities to connect with great people who might help to transform our lives and careers. We think the opposite is true. As our company grows, we’re doubling down on personal relationships and building professional community.

Why Hire a Community Builder?

We work with amazing marketing […]

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The HeatSpring Difference

There are a staggering number of online learning websites and applications out there, and new ones are created every day. So what sets HeatSpring apart? HeatSpring courses provide all the benefits of online learning while avoiding its pitfalls.
There are three primary reasons for this:

People. We are a small, dedicated team that works hard to […]

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Meet Tom McCormack, HeatSpring’s First ‘Student Advocate’

It’s no secret we’re excited about online and blended learning. Education is going digital – everyone knows it, but there’s a ton of fear and uncertainty about what that future looks like. If online training is the Wild West, then Tom McCormack is the new sheriff in town. He recently joined HeatSpring with the title […]

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HeatSpring’s 100 Year Plan & How it Impacts You

We started HeatSpring in 2006.  Recently it dawned on us that doing this work is really hard, but there’s nothing we’d rather be doing.  We’re proud of what HeatSpring is, and talked about what it might become over a 100-year horizon.  I wanted to make our direction public, just in case you’re interested in some […]

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