Building Efficiency

This is a broad category that encompasses a wide variety of technologies and approaches to building efficiency.

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John Siegenthaler Reviews Heat Pumps

In the below article, John Siegenthaler, Principal of Appropriate Designs, explains how Air-To-Water heat pumps offer new opportunities for hydronic pros. At the end of the article, John runs the numbers to answer the question: “How does the performance of an air-to-water heat pump compare to that of a geothermal heat pump?”  John is teaching […]

Win a $10,000 Zero Net Energy Building Award!

Think your house is the best Zero Net Energy building in the Northeast? 
You could win $10,000! The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), a membership organization with a mission to advance the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the Built Environment, is on the search for this year’s $10,000 Zero Net Energy Building Award. They’re looking for the […]

Air Barriers vs. Vapor Retarders vs. Drainage Planes: Learn Essential Building Science Specifics in 60-Minutes

Building science is complex. It takes time and experience to understand and integrate physics, chemistry, climatology, and ecology into building enclosures. Understanding the complex interplay of heat, air, and moisture flows within and across building enclosures— while paying attention to the conditions that occupants impose on the indoor environment—is integral to building success.

In this 60-minute video […]

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Learn in 60 Minutes: Conventional vs. Passive Floor Planning

If you don’t floor plan properly, you will fail.

During this free 60-minute lecture, Mike Duclos, Principal and Founder of DEAP Energy Group and expert instructor at HeatSpring, describes how Passive House floor planning differs from conventional floor planning. Mike provides a background on the Passive House movement, presents examples of Passive House designs and floor […]

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Calculate Heat Loss to the Ground with Marc Rosenbaum

Marc Rosenbaum, Director of Engineering, South Mountain Company and one of HeatSpring’s expert instructors, taught a free live lecture to more than 200 architects and builders last week. His focus: demonstrate how buildings interact thermally with the ground and teach people how to calculate heat loss to the ground.

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During […]

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