3 weeks ago, I held a How to Make Money in Renewable Energy workshop at Munro Distributing Clean Energy Innovations Conference. Martin Orio from Water Energy Distributors attended. At lunch, Senator Marc Pacheco spoke about why we need to invest in clean energy. His logic is simple and powerful. Massachusetts spends $22.8 billion on energy every year and most of it leaves the state. Marc’s reasoning is, if we spend the money in state, we’ll create jobs and save money. The policy has worked. The state’s unemployment is at ~6.8% and it’s a leader in energy efficiency, green building, and solar pv.

At the end of the talk, Martin went up to speak with Marc and he asked him what he thought about geothermal. Marc responded “I hear they’re doing great things in Iceland!”. Martin laughed and said that they should talk.

This small conversation is ground zero of where the geothermal industry is loosing the battle and it’s what we need to start address. Massachusetts is leading the country in energy efficiency and renewable energy and the Senator who sponsors all of the legislation thinks geothermal happens in Iceland.

The good news is that we can do something about. From what I can tell, the state of Massachusetts has their ears wide open, we just need to be helpful. They’ve found huge wins in energy efficiency and solar pv, and are looking for the next technology that will create jobs, and save tons of money on energy costs.

Here’s the plan, there are 3 Senators that draft all of the energy information in Massachusetts, the geothermal industry needs to create relationships with them. Right now, they don’t know who we are and think geothermal comes from Iceland. We can’t blame them, it’s our responsibility to be proactive.

This strategy is part of a within Massachusetts our main obstacle is political representation. 

Here’s why creating a press opportunity from the commissioning of a large project is awesome:

  • It’s an easy invite to a Senator. It makes them look good and we’re not asking them for anything. Also, it will give us the opportunity to teach the Senator about the technology, to show them that it’s be used in their jurisdiction which is creating 100% local jobs and saving money.
  • Creating a press event makes the technology visible, something we’ve always struggled with.
  • It will lead to more sales for the contractor because you can use it to invite other prospects and you’ll get press.

Specific Areas Were Focusing On

We’re focusing on specific areas for political reason, but if you have a large project anywhere in the state, please get in touch.

i.     1st Plymouth and Bristol District – Marc Pacheco

ii.     Berkshire, Hampshire and Franklin District – Benjamin B. Downing

iii.     Middlesex and Worcester – James Eldrigde

If you’re working on a large or innovation project in Massachusetts, please let me know about it so I can work with you to make it a press invite and invite local legislaturs. Having a 6 week lead time will be best. I’ll need some time to call my journalist friends and find a good date. If you have a problem coming up, please fill out this simple form and I’ll call you!
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