New Hands-On Solar PV Lab in Boston


We recently added hands-on solar training to our arsenal, and now we have a great place to run it.  Munro Distributing carved out a chunk of their warehouse and installed a nice PV lab.  It has a pitched roof, lots of panels, racking, a working inverter, plus all the meters and balance of system components to install a full working system. We’ll be using it for out Boston Hands On Solar Installer trainings.

The need for hands-on PV training is probably self-evident, but it might be worth explaining our motivations for adding this new course.  Most of the contractors in our other courses had seen PV and had some experience installing it before coming to class, but sometimes it’s easier to debate a point or have a conversation when you’re looking at the actual equipment.  So having the ability to spend some time in the lab will be a richer way to hammer home some of the basics.  The secondary reason for adding the PV lab is for the architects and entrepreneurs – unlike the contractors, they generally haven’t had any field experience, so for them it’s hugely beneficial to have a lab like this.

We’ll run occasional one-day classes here and probably use it to support other events.  If you have a group that might benefit from getting in there, let me know and we’ll do our best to make something happen.  The folks at Munro are easy to work with and we’re all interested in supporting the growth of solar in New England.

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About Brian Hayden

Brian Hayden is one of the founders of HeatSpring Learning Institute. HeatSpring has delivered certification and training in geothermal heat pumps, solar PV, solar thermal, and energy efficiency to more than 16,000 students via their Cammpus software platform. President at HeatSpring Learning Institute. Founder at Cammpus. Faculty Affiliate at University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. Board Member at Invest in Girls. Interstate Renewable Energy Council Committee on Standards.
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