FEATURED POST: ‘Geothermal Survival Kit’: Revised and Expanded Tenth Anniversary Edition


HeatSpring's Geothermal Survival Kit - 2011How do geothermal heat pumps work?  Should I go with a closed or open loop system?  How much does it cost?  Tens of thousands of readers have found these answers in Kevin Rafferty’s ‘Geothermal Survival Kit’.

First released in 2001, the ‘Geothermal Survival Kit’ was updated in 2008.  It’s a foundational document and a great entry point into the geothermal industry, so we asked Kevin to expand and revise the document in 2011, on the tenth anniversary of the original publication.

What’s new in the latest version?  Details about state and federal incentives, expanded discussion on the closed v. open loop debate, updated AHRI data, along with dozens of small updates and improvements.

Many geothermal installers and designers use this document to help educate (and qualify) potential customers.  However you plan to use it, we hope you enjoy it.

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About Brian Hayden

Brian Hayden is one of the founders of HeatSpring Learning Institute. HeatSpring has delivered certification and training in geothermal heat pumps, solar PV, solar thermal, and energy efficiency to more than 16,000 students via their Cammpus software platform. President at HeatSpring Learning Institute. Founder at Cammpus. Faculty Affiliate at University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. Board Member at Invest in Girls. Interstate Renewable Energy Council Committee on Standards.
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  • Sylvia St.Clair

    How do I get the free down load.

    • http://www.heatspring.com Brian Hayden

      Hi Sylvia – if you complete the form and press the ‘Get Your Free Copy’ button, the document will load automatically. From there you can download a PDF version. We’re around at 800-393-2044 if you aren’t successful.

    • http://www.bing.com/ Jimbo

      If you’re reading this, you’re all set, padnerr!

  • Bill Sather

    My Geothermal Survival Kit came out in martian.

    • http://www.heatspring.com Brian Hayden

      Hey Bill – call us in the office at 800-393-2044 if you continue to have that issue. I haven’t heard that from anybody else, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. We can email you a copy in english if we need to.

  • http://www.heatspring.com Brian Hayden

    We received some criticism on the ‘Survival Kit’ that I thought was valid and worthy of posting here:

    “I downloaded the “updated” Geothermal Survival Kit from this latest news letter, with the thought that I could share it with a client interested in a geothermal system. However, it appears that although the values for gas, oil and electricity have been updated, the tables showing installed cost of equipment are very misleading. It looks like the $/ton should be multiplied by 10 in fig. 5 on page 12. And the installed cost $ should be multiplied by 2 in fig. 6 on page 13.

    Even with the disclaimer in the introduction, this feels like a completely misleading document regarding potential installed costs, and can not be shared with a client. This is the very first question people have regarding geothermal

    I have taken a course with you, and appreciate what you guys are doing. It seems to me that, given your connections in the industry, you could put together a document with current installed cost data (adjusted for region if needed) and make it available for a small cost. Honestly, I think no one would mind paying for an updated document that they could share with their clients.”

    And my response:

    Interesting suggestion on the paid document. Definitely worth considering – thank you.

    You’re not the only one who has a beef with the cost data in the ‘Survival Kit’. I get complaints on that all the time. We tried to update that information this time, since it’s obviously very old, but can never get any good data. What we’ve talked about doing is just letting some people who are out in the field just tell us what to put there, but hesitated because we wanted it to be based on real data. The problem is that data doesn’t exist.

    We’ll continue to struggle with this idea, but you’ve given some good suggestions – so thanks again. Please stay in touch and let me know if you have more thoughts. Sorry we didn’t hit a home run this time.

    Question: Would you pay for a document that included research on costs? I’m interested to hear some feedback on this.

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