Free 5 Page Residential and Commercial Solar PV Commissioning Checklist


This 5 page commissioning checklist was developed by Mike Kocsmiersky the instructor of our Commercial Solar: Commissioning from A to Z course. Mike has commissioned hundreds of commercial and residential projects across New England.

Free free to download it and start using it in your business today.

Download the Residential and Commercial Solar PV Commissioning Checklist

A 5 page solar pv commissioning checklist that you can start using in the field tomorrow. Developed by an industry expert and the teacher of our Commercial Solar PV Commissioning Course
  • The commissioning checklist will be sent to this email.

Having a standardized process is key for both commissioning projects and for solar site visits. Performing high quality and efficient site visits is absolutely critical to the success of profitable solar projects, especially residential projects! You need to be able to capture all of the information you need to 1) quote the system correctly 2) design the project and 3) inform the installation crew what to expect. An efficient site visit process will lead to smooth operations and profitable jobs while complex process can lead to unprofitable jobs and a lot of confusion.

Click here to check out Sunify. Sunify is a simple mobile tool that solar sales people use to make sure they collect all the information they need on a site visit with the least possible effort. It’s so cheap it will pay for itself in one site visit. Sunify does 4 things that will make your site visits better.

  1. It will eliminate paper notes so you no longer have to copy and paste notes into emails and waste time.
  2. It will ensure that you, or the sales people that you manage, capture the information that they need to on the first visit.
  3. You’ll collect better quality information because you can collect video and audio notes in addition to photos and text answers. This will give lead to more accurate quotes, design, and an easier time for the installation team.
  4. It’s all the tools you need in one place, so you’ll never loose your notes again.

Click here to check out Sunify. 

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